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    i have a question about how i can install my smtp

    Hello good day, I would like to install an SMTP in Linux, but I do not want my SMTP server to be linked to a domain because if my SMTP server is linked to a domain then I cannot use other senders to email, so I want to install an SMTP that is connected to an ip address of the linux server, is...
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    Dovecot 451.4.3.0 Error. queue file write error

    I have a dovecot mail server and a java web application. When I want to send an email, it shows an error with the following message: 451.4.3.0 Error. queue file write error. I'm testing from my desktop in my office. It didn't happen before. The authentication is fine. The server is RHEL 7. I...
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    Help with SMTP server

    I have a an Ubuntu 16.04 that a customer has built. They went ahead and installed mailutils using apt-get. They set up the domain, and can send emails to any domain but the domain the specified during the install. When I looked at this it appears that the emails never left the server. What do I...