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    Terminal commands for deleting steam flatpack? (Solus and Pop_Os)

    I'm trying to get steam to recognize my HDD - I have a separate drive to store steam game downloads - but it sounds like I have to delete the steam flatpack to do so. Does anyone know the terminal commands for that? I need them for both Solus and Pop.
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    Linux effecting hardware/Windows when installed on separate SSD's?

    I installed Windows 10 on one SSD first because it's a giant pain in the ass to configure to your liking then installed Solus on my other SSD with seemingly no problem. Grub doesn't seem to recognize the W10 drive but that's just an irritant since Solus is the daily driver. I've done this a few...
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    Pop Os / Gnome tips for a beginner? About to bail on Pop

    I just recently rebuilt my rig and installed Pop os on one ssd and windows 10 on another ssd, hoping to dual boot. I’ve been using Solus Budgie on my laptop for a few years now and love but Pop/Gnome feels like starting from scratch. Also the gnome desktop feels very stiff and looks way too...