1. K

    Partition Error

    I have a 20TB drive full of files which i took out of my server prior to wiping it to a factory debian install. This disk only includes video files however when putting it into the fresh distribution and looking at lsblk it shows that it has no partitions. I have thrown this onto my lc and...
  2. S

    VM full, but where's the files?

    So I got a Debian KVM QEMU Virt Manager VM with 20G of memory. I've been using it for months without issue. However, recently it's gotten full. Okay, no problem, I'll delete stuff. But when I go to delete things, everything is small. Like if I run: du -h | sort -hr | head -n 10 It gives...
  3. P

    Partition Tables won't write to USB Stick

    Hi, Recently one of my USB Drives became unreadable according to GParted. None of the partitions show up and it doesn't mount to Ubuntu Desktop 20.10. I've tried all the command line tools under the sun that I know of but nothing, the partition table "writes", but never mounts. I reload the...
  4. N

    Lightest Linux Distro?

    Hello, I am a learning development and I have a HP Stream Laptop 14 laptop with 32GB storage and 4GB of ram, Most distributions take up about half of my storage. Is there any very light distribution that only uses 4-6GB and has a full desktop enviorment that i can use for development. The main...
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    [SOLVED] Low disk space on “Filesystem root” 0 bytes disk remaining

    Hello everyone, I am struggling against disk space, regarding root location. Seems like I have reach 100% usage, and cannot find a way to regain space, there is no "big" files in that partition. When I do df -h: 9.7M /bin 36M /boot 0 /daily_lock 0 /dev 9.4M /etc 796G /home 268M /lib 4K /lib64...
  6. R

    NFS Storage attached Locally to Linux

    Hello there I have a NFS storage, attached locally to Linux server. Capacity 16PB. I want to check usage of some folders in this drive, and it's taking ages to get the figure of the data consumed Is there any faster way to get stats from NFS storage. Yes I've been using the traditional "du -...