sudden crash

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    Solved LibreOffice Draw Crashes Whenever I Try to Save

    I'm using Linux Mint 21.1 MATE, and the version of LibreOffice I'm using is I've been trying to save a picture so I can use it for the logo for a merchandise brand I'm creating, but when I go to save it, LibreOffice Draw then crashes and causes my desktop session to log me out. First I...
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    Crashing to a black screen requires a reboot.

    Hi All. I'm having some crashing trouble with my latest 6.1.0-kali9-amd64 install. I installed Kali for the first time about seven days ago and on about the third day my screens started to go black. When this happens it seems like the laptop is still running but I am unable to get my monitors...
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    Sudden crashing of the pc running on linux mint 20.3

    I have been using LINUX for the past 2 years and from the past one month a problem has a rised in my system which is that the computer will turn on without any problem and it will run everything smoothly. But then suddenly it crashes especially whenever I use Firefox and open images in it due to...