ubuntu 16.04 lts

  1. D

    OTRS version 6 fetchmail issue

    I have issue with OTRS version 6 which is running on ubuntu 16.04. OTRS didn't fetch the mail properly whenever i tried to fetch the mail it through below error " OTRS-otrs.Console.pl-MainpostMaster::MailAccountFetch-77[5799]...
  2. hanser30

    Perfect Linux (POP OS) Laptop - Asus Zenbook Flip 15 + Others

    Wanted to post my progress on the Zenbook Flip 15 on a new thread. Wanted to let you guys know that this thing has been running flawlessly with all features supported for over a year. I am currently running Pop OS. Specs: Asus Zenbook Flip 15 16GB RAM Intel Core i7 1165 G7 Nvidia GTX 1650ti...
  3. S

    Installation Type was not appeared on ubuntu 16.04

    Hi, I just need to install ubuntu 16.04 on Asus Tuf Dash F15. But when I try to install it, I got a problem like in the picture below. I've been trying to install ubuntu 20.04 on that device and it's work, I can do the installation without any problem. The reason I still need to install ubuntu...
  4. Ghnmik

    changing ubuntu20 to ubuntu16

    Hi all I have a cheap laptop that has a small memory so I installed ubuntu onto it it's not dual booted, But one of my course classes works off of ubuntu 16 there is a work around to make the subject work but as this is one of six classes if I could change ubuntu20 to ubuntu16 but the laptop is...
  5. Ghnmik

    Ubuntu install alongside current os option not available

    Hi first time posting I need to install ubuntu 16 onto my machine for a college module but when I go to install from usb the option to install alongside windows is not available. any help would be much appreciated. I need Windows as my lecturers will only accept assignments done in MS Word...
  6. I

    Ubuntu 16.04 Server 32bit to change 64bit

    The server instance was initially created 32bit. After that, it was upgraded to a 64bit. If I go to the terminal and check the command uname -im and uname -a ( x86_64 )then I see OS 64bits. If I check with its command getconf LONG_BIT then output get 32. The problem I have is that when I...
  7. V

    Linux SSH session getting stuck

    Hi, Am currently having a ubuntu 16 server. The server should be monitored and if it is idle for 10 min then it should stop. For stop I have done some scripting. The problem that I'm facing is that, I am calculating idle timeout by w command. In order to kill the ssh session which is idle, I...
  8. I

    Run script after successful wireless connection

    I need a way to run a script when a successful wireless connection is made. I'm using Lubuntu 16.04 (although I've attempted this on Lubuntu and Ubuntu 18.04 with no success.) My script is pretty simple: #!/bin/bash xtightvncviewer Whenever computer A starts up and successfully...
  9. B

    Username/Password incorrect after fresh install of Ubuntu 16.04LTS Server

    I have installed ~5 times a ubuntu server 16.04LTS on a virtual machine (VirtualBox) and only once has the OS recognized my un/pw as correct. I have made sure every time I do an install that the un/pw are accurate to what I want and anticipate upon startup and login. All but one time has the...
  10. V

    Tools for code development

    Dear Linux, I want to make my code as looks good for that I want to do space allocation and variable decleartion, etc Please provide the Linux tool which is better for code developement means allocation of space within 80 Regards, VinothS
  11. L

    Integrate Ubuntu with Windows Active Directory

    Hello, The profiles of the computers need to be provided by the Linux server, we have to make sure that is linked with the Active Directory of the Windows server. And the home folders of the users are supposed to be supplied by the Windows server. Can anyone tell me what i need for this, or if...
  12. S

    Ubuntu 16.04 LTS upgrading or installing new verion of Linux

    Hi, I have Linux 16.04 Lts on my machine and it usedU to try to upgrade browsers and other stuff, but said my boot folder and some other folders were to full. Now it won't let me try to upgrade manually threw the upgrade icon in the control panel. I tried emptying the folders it said but...