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    Just installed Ubuntu Studio 22.10 on bare metal desktop, here are observations

    I'm actually getting ready to dual boot install windows 10 with it and erase it (we'll see how that goes...). I decided to test it first just because i didn't know there would be a new version of Ubuntu Studio and i planned to replace the DE with KDE full because of some small bugs in ubuntu...
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    How to change the integrated graphics to external graphics?

    Recently I have installed the Ubuntu Studio on my computer, but I wound't able to install the AMD drivers to my computer. And my computer is running with the integrated Intel graphics and my AMD graphic card is obsolete on my PC. I need to: 1 - Install AMD graphics drivers 2 - Change the...
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    Installing MultiBoot distros on SSD

    I want to install Ubuntu 20.04 and Ubuntu Studio in my SSD drive along with Windows. So I have created two partitions in my disk successfully installed both distros but after installing the second distro in the grub menu I see the three OS windows, ubuntu and studio. Windows boots fine but when...
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    Ubuntu Studio for "Front End Website Development". HTML, CSS, JavaScript, WordPress.

    Hey guys, My primary need for an OS is to do "Front End WordPress Website Development". HTML, CSS, JavaScript, WordPress. As long as a distro is suited for this purpose (like Ubuntu is); i'm happy! Ubuntu Studio - KDE Plasma - https://ubuntustudio.org/ - Is perfect for me; because it's an...