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    Create udev rule for USB device with multiple virtual ports

    Hello Linux Community ! In my embedded project, I came across working with multiple USB devices. So, to avoid checking each time the new port of each device and setting that in my code, I decided to use udev rules to have a unique access to each device. However, in that process, one device is...
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    Help with materials for blocking some USB communication

    Hello, I am currently working on bachelor thesis named "Access Controll for USB Bus". As title says, I need to make software, which will block some USB devices, depending on user input (specific type of USB, for example all mouses or all devices from specific vendor). Unfortunately, my...
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    No DEVTYPE=wwan for Gemalto modem

    Hi! I'm developing a ofono driver for a new Gemalto modem with 2G/3G/4G. It is a wwan device with 2 ethernet ports. I'm using ofono with connman as the network manager. Everything works fine, except a small detail, the ethernet device is treated exactly as a cable device. That means I can not...