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    Installlation issue

    If it works in live mode, it should install. Although you MIGHT need some small adjustments. If, however, it does not work in live mode you might not be able to make it work.
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    Installlation issue

    Get an Ubuntu disk and try it. It will run in live mode and not affect your hard drive ---unless you click on install.
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    new at this linux thing and can't get some things workinghi

    Do you want to tell us what Windows programs? SOME Windows programs will work on Linux, SOME will not. Have you tried using PlayOnLinux? It is an easier thing to use. Still has Wine at the back of it but the front-end is simpler. Easy Linux says using Wine is...
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    Linux Mint receiving updates for ubunto

    When you installed Linux Mint it asked for you to set a password. That's the password. Most likely the one you use when you sign in. Linux Mint is closely related to Ubuntu. It used some of the Ubuntu Repositories and you will get some Ubuntu stuff. That's OK...
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    Linux Mint 14.1 Mate ?
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    remove latest updates? Solved on my own, activated "dcrm" player.

    It would be interesting to know what the problem and the solution was...
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    Did you try searching for it?
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    Don't have Wifi on Kali Linux 2020.1

    What is the output of lspci |grep Network and lsusb
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    remove latest updates? Solved on my own, activated "dcrm" player.

    Sometimes, when you upgrade from one Kernel to another, graphics seem to stay with the old Kernel and not go to the new Kernel. Somewhere in the Boot options, it should give you the ability to Boo0t into the older Kernel - it should still be there. Alternatively. install your graphics firmware...
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    text editor with command line features

    Xiki is available to Linux.
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    Unable to log in with password (Solved) ?
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    Unable to log in with password (Solved)

    Make sure your username is in the correct place. If there is a space at the beginning of it, it will not work. If necessary highlight and remove then type it again. Also, make sure that CAPLOCK is not on. Linux is case sensitive and very unforgiving. A password in a lower case is not the same...
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    @Condpbloke Technical talk:rolleyes: Wine?
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    Hello, I could use some help printing

    @721c63e946 That has nothing to do with printing from a computer to a printer.
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    Do you sign in? With a username and a password, or do you automatically go to the desktop. If you sign in, use that password.