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    Need help installing

    Do you know there the file is called Downloads? Maybe is you put into the Search Box: Downloads
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    Need help installing

    It's a long time since I used Windows. Go here and download the ISO. That's what Etcher needs and will put automagically onto your USB stick. DO NOT UNPACK IT IN ANY WAY. Just use Etcher with the ISO.
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    Multi Boot problem in msi laptop

    ... and Phoenix OS Forum?
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    no wifi adapter found

    What is the output from a Terminal of lspci |grep Network and lsusb
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    Adobe Premiere is a Windows program. This is a Linux site and not a Windows one. The most recommended Linux alternative is Kdenlive.
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    How to clone Xtra-PC Linux

    Porteus might be a reasonable and free alternative...
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    My Mint 18.3 installation is now a GRUB Prompt!

    Have you tried typing at the Grub prompt startx
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    can't login into ubuntu desktop after update (which it asked me if i want to updated

    Try dropping into Recovery Mode and doing again: sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade
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    Como Instalar programas con Linux???

    Debian uses a program called Chromium by default. It is very similar to Chrome. It uses the same Bookmarks and Extensions etc. The advantage it has is that Chrome "phones home" --- it provides information back to Google, whereas Chromium does not. You can use Chrome if you still want. Is it the...
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    Como Instalar programas con Linux??? (Ubuntu is based on and like Debian) "How do I connect it to a private...
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    GNOME Desktop for Windows 10?

    Not really a Linux question? Ask a Windows forum?
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    New to the site!

    Backtrack is the former name of Kali Linux. Kali Linux has been around for some time. Your backtrack install must be old and should be changed.
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    kali not found as boot option.

    Have you tried typing: startx What exactly happens?
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    HP Deskjet 2544 printer - need help running under Linux

    If you input the command given above into a Terminal ^^^: sudo apt-get install hplip-gui it should download hplip-gui from Repository and dependencies AND INSTALL IT...
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    HP Deskjet 2544 printer - need help running under Linux ?