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    Mousepad has dead spots with one finger, but not with two for scrolling

    Hi all, Strange issue. Mousepad works perfectly for scrolling, i can use two fingers quite lightly and it scrolls no matter where my fingers are. However, during normal mouse pointer usage, ie, one finger, often theres whole 2x2 cm patches where there's no response whatsoever. Upon using two...
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    Pc dies on battery power even at 100%

    Hi All, I have a Dell Inspiron N5110 with a new extended battery running Ubuntu 20.04. As of writing this post I realised this may not be a Linux related issue as it dies on boot as well. The laptop runs fine and performs well while plugged in. I have the old battery and a new battery, and...
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    Laptop limited to 800Mhz

    Thanks for the welcome mate, turns out when I installed lm-sensors I accepted some of the risky scans and that was inexplicably causing the overheating my gpu. Uninstalling lm-sensors fixed the issue but I still had some graphics problems. Installing Bumblebee smoothed everything over and...
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    Laptop limited to 800Mhz

    Hi all, I've seen similar issues posted before but nothing has quite helped yet. I have a Dell Inspiron N5110 with an I7-2360QM. 4 Cores up to 2.9GHz. This laptop will not break past 800Mhz, it is so incredibly slow. I'm running Kubuntu, Using Conky and cpufreq-info in order to monitor cpu...