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    System font gets set to 1pt on logout...KDE issue?

    Hi, new to linux. Been testing the most recent versions of various KDE based distros...Manjaro, Kubuntu, KDE Neon and one other I can't recall right now. Anyway I have been plagued by one recurring issue across all distros. When I logout the system font gets sets to something so small its...
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    Odd dual boot issue - Win 10 and Kubuntu

    Yep, done some more digging around and the issue appears to be how Easybcd created the entry in the windows boot loader. Ceratinly not a linux/kubuntu problem.
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    Odd dual boot issue - Win 10 and Kubuntu

    Hi I have win 10 installed on disk 1 and Kubuntu installed on disk 2. Grub is installed on disk 2 as I did not want to change the windows bootloader. PC is set up to boot directly into windows (older PC, legacy bios). I have been trialling Kubuntu for a couple of weeks and to launch it I...