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    Can't activate Bluetooth

    Hey there, I am using Debian 11 (as stated below) on a ASUS A75V Laptop. I have installed Debian on dual-boot besides Windows 10 a few months ago. Using Windows, I am able to activate the Bluetooth port for connecting e.g. with external speakers. However, this is not possible with Debian...
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    Incompatible Bluetooth Adapter

    I'm not necessarily a newbie or maybe I am. I'm 70 years old. My late younger brother installed Linux Mint 17 Cinnamon 32-bit on my desktop about 8 years ago (I think). I used Windows before that and had nothing but problems with it. The best thing I like about Linux is that it is virtually...
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    No WiFi Adapter Found?

    So, I got this problem yesterday. I was trying to connect to my WiFi network and it showed that there is no WiFi adapter. Today i was trying to fix the problem, but i know little to no programing, any help? I'm using ubuntu, The latest version.
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    Cannot connect to WIFI after driver patch

    Hello all, Preface; I'm new to Linux. After installing Linux Mint 18 on a new build and patching the driver source code in order to use a Linksys AE6000 wifi adapter, I still cannot connect to my network. The wifi adapter lights up as if it is on, but after lspci shows no network controller...