1. Z

    Deleted manjaro partition from windows now cant access any OS

    Hi everybody, i recently downloaded manjaro to learn how to code but i was going to get ubuntu after i learned that arch doesn't run on amd cpu's very well, so i deleted my manjaro partition on windows and rebooted, after i got the error-(error: no such partition, entering rescue mode... grub...
  2. I

    Solved Need help reclaiming/reformatting 2TB HDD

  3. M

    WiFi problem - unstable connection, ping spikes (Nobara 39 KDE)

    I'm not experienced in WiFi troubleshooting. This is the first time I have this kind of connectivity issues. So far I've discovered that every time the connection gets interrupted, this blue circle/loading thing appears in networks tab: I ran a network stability test for 1 minute, this is the...
  4. A

    Kali boots to GNU Grub

    Super huge problem! I'm trying out Kali because I want to get into ethical hacking eventually. Downloaded the installer on my USB with the installer from the Kali page and balenaEtcher, but when I boot from the drive it shows a gnu Grub section with the prompt "grub>". Any help? (I already saw...
  5. A

    Ubuntu Not Starting

    Everytime I try to boot the Ubuntu, this screen appears and the laptop is stuck. What's the issue and how to resolve it ? Please help as I have some urgent works to do.
  6. 13egliB

    How can i install Linux on a Lenovo tb3-710f device?

    So I have this old Lenovo tb3-710f tablet computer that doesn't work correctly with the stock Android os. I want to install any kind of Linux touch os but I couldn't find any documentation on it. Could you help me out? Sorry for bad English.
  7. R

    Help with lab assignment

    Hi guys, New to Linux. Taking it for the very first time this semester and have gotten through it pretty okay for the most part. Stuck on a certain part for a lab assignment. Would greatly appreciate your assistance. Stuck on this part of the lab: -Add a tar command to the file that creates a...
  8. Tytenn

    New & Confused

    So I'm new to Linux and the usage of any terminal. I did some research and from that decided Kali Linux was what I should use. Obviously being stubborn and naive, I just kept on going. I wanted to spy on my friends and roommates through bluetooth connectivity. Entered and installed a bunch of...
  9. S

    Cant figure out how to open and play this file

    I downloaded a game from itch.io and its the linux version but i can not figure out how to open it. the game is helltaker and the file is helltaker_lnx.zip if anybody knows how to i would really appreciate it. Aso i am on chromebook so not 100% sure if it works on here or not.
  10. B

    Distro for a beginner with SPECIAL needs?

    Hello my dear GNU/Linux users, I am thinking about switching from windows 10 to a linux distro for a long time now. I am working a lot in the area of Matlab / R / Python because of uni stuff. But in my free time i spend a lot of time with Unreal Engine 5 and develop small games by myself...
  11. seymourskinner

    I can't turn on developer mode on my Chromebook

    I tried turning on developer mode (esc+refresh) on my Chromebook to download Ubuntu but nothing is happening; does anyone know a possible cause?
  12. A

    Slow WIfi Speed

    I am using Kubuntu 20.04 as my daily driver on Thinkpad L430 One of the most major issues I faced is of wireless connectivity. Wifi would work very slow sometimes It wouldn't even load a html page I thought it is a problem of driver and it was true as many users faced the same. But there were no...
  13. B

    [SOLVED] USB controllers breaking.

    I have recently started installing Arco-Linux. this first real experience with GNU/Linux outside of virtual machines (in Virtual Machines everything worked, and still works fine), and I am stuck on burning the ISO file to a USB stick. Every time the burning finishes it fails and my USB...
  14. ghosty999

    Solved Constant Freezing Forcing me back to Windows

    I'm at a total loss... I purchased a Dell Latitude 7390 to dual boot Windows and Mint as I usually do. I go do the usual BIOS things like turn off fast boot, safe boot, C-state, RAID etc I then grab an ISO, do checksum verification, burn ISO via Rufus to a 32gb stick. Once installed, I boot into...
  15. chips

    After installing Linux Mint, the boot menu does not appear and I cannot boot the Windows/Linux Mint.

    hello first of all, I would like to say that I am very sad and disappointed because I installed linux. After installing Linux Mint, it asked me to restart, and then the boot menu did not appear, only a screen called BOOT MENU. Even though I select all of them one by one, nothing changes, I can...
  16. iam.Shanto

    I'm New on Linux. Suggest me a Linux Distros in below system requirement

    My Laptop Configuration Intel Core i3-1005G1 Processor (4M Cache, 1.20 GHz up to 3.40 GHz) 4GB DDR4 3200MHz RAM 1TB HDD Please suggest me a best and fastest linux distros . I will be greatly benefited by your Suggestion
  17. S

    Ubuntu force resets once during each cold boot if there's at least a single USB device connected

    Hi there from Ukraine! I've recently installed Ubuntu 22.04 LTS and when I boot my PC it force resets before reaching login screen and then the second time it boots normally. This happens only during cold boot. If I just restart my PC it boots without such problem. It's also worth mentioning...
  18. P

    Lots of space is being taken

    Hey guys i have been having this problem for a few days now. Basically whenever i start my laptop it shows a mssg that i have very low space left in filesystem root. And when i play my game it automatically quits saying low space. Edit: I have already done most of the methods u guys have...
  19. S

    I guess am messed up

    Hi guys ! Today i was trying to install kde neon to my second drive and after the booting when i trying to enter my second drive am getting error kind of like that : no such device... Then i tried to find solutions on internet , but none of them was benefetical After the few minutes i tried...