1. Fanboi

    Linux.org User-created Helpful Shell Scripts::Meta Discussion/Chat

    This pertains to this thread by the same name. Because this forum tends to get lost in digressions -- and full disclosure: I'm one of the biggest offenders -- I thought I'd make a space for meta chat since, as @KGIII rightfully instructed in his thread: Now what I suggest is: If you have a...
  2. P

    Is there a Linux distro which can be used in a smartwatch?

    Hi, I am new here ◔‿◔ can somebody help me with this
  3. Sueno1123

    Some people REALLY hate Ubuntu...

    I'm buying a new laptop soon, and I would very much love to install Linux on the old one. I have absolutely no experience with Linux, and very limited coding ability. I've heard that Ubuntu is perfect for beginners who could then later switch to Debian or something else, but is that really true...
  4. T

    Best Linux Distros for Security?

    I'm currently learning Ubuntu to get the basics of Linux, but after that I want to get into the more complicated distros, something I can use permanently. What out there will keep me the most secure, but will take a long time to learn? I'm fine with complex. I looked into Kali, but I've been...
  5. DeletedAccount

    Unix-Like Systems Discussion

    Quite recently I found myself thinking about other Unix-like operating systems. I actually have never tried or even thought about trying such after an operating system development kit called “Cosmos” piqued my interest (maybe I’ll use it, I want to focus on my Linux distro first). Previously...