gnome desktop

  1. dangarbri

    Fixing (or rather "enabling") scaling settings in GNOME

    Just wanted to share something. I recently started using PureOS which uses the GNOME desktop and one issue I was having was with all the text being too small. By default GNOME allows scaling of choosing if you want things to be too small (100%) or too large (200%). This command that enables...
  2. U

    What does Pop!_OS Have that Linux Mint doesn't?

    Hi, I'm relatively new to linux although I've been using it (and FOSS software) for about a month now, currently I'm running Pop!_OS and it's done me great service, I can play all the games I need using Steam Play and other than that it's pretty much what it is. However recently I've wanted to...
  3. PianoGuy628

    GNOME Desktop for Windows 10?

    I don't know if someone's made a port yet, and if it doesn't exist how hard it would be, but would anyone know if it would be possible to replace the traditional Windows 10 "environment" with the GNOME desktop enviroment?