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  1. S

    Creating a Library Folder on 2nd drive Linux

    Hello, I recently switched my pc to linux and I'm having issues installing games on my game drive . I have added a mountpoint in my home folder for the drive with fstab(2nd drive is exfat), but steam doesn't show the folder when I'm searching for a new Library Folder on Linux (I'm running zorin...
  2. blackneos940

    How Do I Make The Most Of A 500GB WD Blue Hard Drive?

    Hey guys! :3 So I decided to start using less periods in my sentences, to clean up, as it were, so that anybody browsing these threads can better read my replies/questions... :) So, on to the question..... It looks like Mom won't be able to get me that 1TB Hard Drive, and since my small (SMALL)...
  3. C

    Need help with hard drive corruption, Urgent.

    So I've been having an issue with hard drive corruption on my laptop for a very long time. Recently it has been that every single distro, ranging from Ubuntu to solus to fedora, has been rendered unusable by hard drive corruption. I got some advice from someone who works in It about it and they...
  4. K

    Join two hard drives in "/" directory

    Hi! So I installed Linux a week ago in my SSD and now my hard drive of 1TB is not beign used. Following a tutorial I mounted it in a new folder whose path is "/hdd", I have the following doubt: Will my hard drive will be used in this manner? I mean, I think when an app is installed all the...
  5. G

    Unable to mount External Encrypted Hard Drive(256-bit AES)

    Hello guys. I recently installed the Ubuntu 18.04 lts, and I'm trying to mount an external Hard Drive of 500 Gb encrypted with 256-bit AES. After a lot of research and tries(...,cryptsetup), I wasn't able to do it. I know Ubuntu can detect the external Hard Drive... https://imgur.com/a/5YaaU2q...
  6. V


    So Im on a mental meltdown edge, where I sit down with head between my knees bite my nails and watch the empire fall. My computer woke up today to see that he suffers similar mental disorder as his master... it appears he have no memory, to be more specific 'no bootable device', I felt brave...