1. N

    Nvidia driver

    Good day everyone. Been using Linux without any problems, once I launched my laptop to external screen using HDMI, Laptop turned off due to low battery, while being connected to external screen, after unplugging from HDMI black screen appeared, I was looking for tutorials on net (while being a...
  2. S

    Using a second screen but Kubuntu asks me to choose what to show on the screen but the screen says “no signal”

    Hello, Just as the title says... I am connecting the screen via HDMI cable and kubuntu asks me wheter I want to mirror my main screen or extend to the right or left and so on and no matter what I choose the screen gets no signal. The wierd thing is, that if I disconnect the HDMI cable kubuntu...
  3. F

    HDMI output on Hp Pavilion Power 15

    Hello I need to install linux on my pc (for school) and i tried to install multiple distro but everytimes i couldn't use my HDMI port. I tried with Ubuntu (18 and 19), Linux Mint, Kubuntu and Manjaro. I really need help to solve this problem right now i have Manjaro xfce who is install. I think...
  4. P

    Connecting HDMI on Debian

    Hello all, I recently installed Debian 9 on my laptop. Everything is good except that HDMI devices that I plug in after the computer has already booted are not recognized at all. However, if the device is plugged in before starting the computer, then it works fine. I googled around and found out...
  5. D

    I can't share my laptop screen!

    Hi, I try to share my display trought a DVI cable, but my Os detect the screen model, but the monitor keep a black screen... What do i need to do? I had a ATI radeon HD 4200
  6. JasKinasis

    Audio using dummy device....

    Here's a heads up about an unusual audio related problem I finally fixed on my laptop the other day (running Debian Testing). A couple of weeks ago I had my laptop plugged into one of our TV's via the HDMI port and had all of my audio routed through the TV so my wife and I could watch some...