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    [Solved] Can't install Linux Kubuntu on HP Pavilion 15-eh1001ur laptop. Laptop wouldn't boot

    I recently bought a HP Pavilion 15-eh1001ur laptop. It had pre installed Windows 10. I use Linux, so I installed Kubuntu on it using a USB. I used Guided installation - use whole disk. After installation, Linux doesn't boot. It all stops at HP logo, not moving forward. Also the live USB mode...
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    Old PC, need reccomendation

    Hello world. I just acquired an HP Pavilion a320n. Specs are: Amd 2.8Ghz processor 512 MB RAM Nvidia GeForce 4 graphics 120 GB HDD to start. Which client version of Linux would anyone suggest I try? My eventual goal is just to run file share at home but I want to start basic and learn some...
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    Getting Past Secure Boot

    I dug out an old HP Pavilion dv9000 laptop and want to make it a dedicated Linux machine. It has Vista installed on it. The bios and bios setup are Phoenix. It apparently has secure boot enabled but there is no such option in the bios setup utility. The utility has only a Main, Security...
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    HDMI output on Hp Pavilion Power 15

    Hello I need to install linux on my pc (for school) and i tried to install multiple distro but everytimes i couldn't use my HDMI port. I tried with Ubuntu (18 and 19), Linux Mint, Kubuntu and Manjaro. I really need help to solve this problem right now i have Manjaro xfce who is install. I think...
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    Ubuntu boot problem (No choice menu) directly loading win10

    hello, i'm new in Linux so first i install Ubuntu 1710 from USB Flash Drive every thing was perfect the problem is when i shutdown and restart my Laptop (hp pavilion 15 notebook) it directly run windows 10 (booting menu) appear so in boot options secure boot disable legacy boot disable...