kali linux help

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    The keyboard blok when I want to type the password

    I have just installed kali linux on my new lapetop windows 11 and when I executed kali I was asked for the new user name I entered and m as asking password which I did not enter I preferred to leave empty without password and after configuring everything. I find a problem I can't run sudo it...
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    Kernel driver not installed [Error when trying to activate Kali Linux in Virtual Box in Linux Mint]

    Hi, I am using an ASUS FX533V with UEFI, with Windows and Linux Mint in dual boot. I downloaded Virtual Box and then tried to install Kali Linux in it but got this error message By the way, I also got a message from Linux saying that my download of Kali Linux was malware...strange, since I...
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    GRUB Rescue:Need help from someone with patience

    I tried installing Kali Linux but had some problem,errors and now when i want to boot the laptop this is what happens. I tried looking for tutorials but its like Chinese I dont have experience at all.. Please give me guidance so i can use the laptop and fix this problem.
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    Black screen with blinking cursor / not booting after installation

    So recently I wanted to install Kali Linux to use alongside windows 10 as a dual boot system, I have used ubuntu in the pased so I uninstalled it before doing anything else even though the Grub boot loader for it is still present (also yes, I have tried removing the grub boot loader in admin win...