1. S

    Using free spinning mouse with Linux

    Hi! I am using Linux at work. Over the years, we went from Fedora to OpenSuse and others to get to Oracle Linux. In the next few months, we will migrate over another distribution, probably CentOS. I would like to use a kind of frre spinning mouse at work, but I have read that there is no way to...
  2. B

    help me get my mouse working (: please

    hello, just trying to get my mouse working but it don't, haha i'm very frustrated. the strangest thing is it works a little bit, like 10%. None of the buttons work but moving it works if you know what i mean. it's a corsair m45, running on deepin 15.8. i don't know what to do man, using a wacom...
  3. CptCharis

    Mouse in tty

    Good day Everyone!!! Can I use my mouse in an Arch tty? Thanks.