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  1. Haui111

    Which version of Mint for ASUS X59SR Notebook?

    I crammed out the old stuff folks! :) My oldest notebook is still working. It has been used for gaming (minecraft when it was new), office work and other things and it survived with no damage. Just the battery is dead so I threw it away. Since it used to server me well but still has windows 7...
  2. L

    Is swap recommended for a 4gb ram pc?If yes what is the recommended size?

    I have installed linux in my old pc.It has 4 gb ddr3 ram.Should i create a swap partition?I will be happy to know the recommended size.
  3. U

    Which linux distro should I choose for a old laptop?

    Hey everyone, I have got an old laptop I want to use it as a secondary linux laptop. I have already installed linux mint (xfce 32bit) on it and it worked absolutly fine, however I sort of bricked the system and instead of repairing it I want to install a new one. Specs: Cpu: Dual core Intel...
  4. R

    Linux distro for very small pc

    Hey guys. I'm looking for a lubuntu flavour for my very tiny pc. Current specs are. American Megatrend pc. It's running a vortex A9130 processor at 933MHz. The ram is 992 mb 366MHz. Main Storage is Kingston 32Gig MicroSD Any idea what I should try? The latest version is not compatible with...
  5. F

    Athlon 1000Mhz, which distro?

    Hi everybody, I'm a newbie and this is my first message here. Hope you can help me, cause I really going crazy with it. One friend of mine had this old desktop computer, with Windows Xp: CPU AMD Athlon XP, 1000 MHz (10 x 100) MB ASRock K7S41GX GPU Integrated RAM 2GB BIOS American Megatrends Inc...