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    DNS Client Configuration for Oracle Server 8 and Ubuntu

    Hello :) I would like to know what is the recommended approach for configuring the DNS client on Oracle Server 8 and Ubuntu Server? thank u
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    No match for argument: snapd

    After installing “epel-release”, I did an “update” and it was “complete”, so I installed “snapd”, but it failed. An error message is “No match for argument: snapd”, “Error: Unable to find a match: snapd”. The execution procedure is as below. The same is true for "certbot." OS is "Oracle Linux 8".
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    [SOLVED] Cannot Enable "Lock root account" During RedHat-type Installations? (e.g., Alma, Rocky, Oracle)

    I recently downloaded and installed a few RedHat-type distros over the past two weeks: AlmaLinux, Rocky Linux, and Oracle Linux. The installers look similar if not identical. The "Begin Installation" button stays grayed out (disabled) unless you uncheck the "Lock root account" setting to...
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    Erasing Oracle Linux to factory default

    Hi Everyone, I am in the process of installing an application on my Oracle Linux instance on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) and I am needing to keep starting from square one. Can you advise on how I can wipe the whole instance to factory default - erase all applications I have installed...
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    Establishing a TCP connection with Oracle Linux (Red Hat based)

    Hello everyone, I have been struggling to find someone to build a Server for our Video IoT application, so I figured the best way to go about this is to have a shot at taking one step at a time. I understand how the device protocol works, but the struggle is to establish a TCP Connection...