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    How to log rsync?

    Hello everyone! Thanks for accepting me here. :) I would like to ask you about logging in rsync. I am using rsync through a GUI (Grsync), and currently have the below task at crontab: 0 15 * * * DISPLAY=:0 grsync -e "default" My question is: how to log all rsync operations to a file? I...

    Termux server rsync error

    I had experience playing around with Termux (Android app) a few years ago and after buying a reasonable device and after the repo problem was sorted out I decided to play with it again. I setup SSH successfully on termux side, as it should and I also checked the permissions on the device...
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    Timeshift backups to NAS at home and to my laptop drive when on the road

    I am running PopOS 22.04 on my MacBook Pro 2015, and having received some help from the linux community am now productive on it. Things feel snappier than under the old MacOSX, but I have not timed anything. I have a question about how to organize my time shift backups. Since I am running EXT4...
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    What is the best method in bash to copy large amount of files

    My question: I have a large amount of files on a disk and I have three different methods to move/copy them: 1. using find: ``` find /disk -xdev -type f -iname "*.pdf" -exec cp -ga "{}" /dest \: ``` 2. using find print0 and grep -z: ``` find /disk -xdev type f -iname "*" -print0 > ./alllist.txt...
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    A better backup solution

    Hi folks, (misplaced my earlier login, so starting anew) Been using various flavours of Linux for ages, primarily server-side, but coming back to the desktop for a primary workhorse after a significant hiatus. Rolling with Fedora (34) this time, as I find it better suited to BaU work more than...
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    How to transfer files using rsync and SSH?

    I've tried using this code in install rsync in Ubuntu but it's not working. apt-get install rsync Is there any other way? Thanks!
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    Script for copy&delete directory from one server to another

    Hey everyone, I have 2 remote Servers: Server A and Server B. On Server A I have a directory named: 'Example' I need to copy 'Example' directory from Server A to Server B and then delete it from Server A (if there's a possibility to do it by one command it would be better of course). I would...
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    rsync --delete does not work as expected

    Dear all I'm using rsync to keep a backup of certain directories on my backup server. I notice the following rsync command works, and place a folder called "zipped" inside the "/backup/" directory and deletes removed files on the source: rsync -vrptgolz --progress --stats --delete...
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    [SOLVED] rsync hanging within minutes.

    Hello everyone. I am using arch linux and since i could not currently use timeshift I decided to just manually back up my system with rsync if there is any problems in the future so i will have backup. I tried to use rsync and every time I used the command within about 3-5 minutes of it backing...