Timeshift backups to NAS at home and to my laptop drive when on the road


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May 9, 2022
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I am running PopOS 22.04 on my MacBook Pro 2015, and having received some help from the linux community am now productive on it. Things feel snappier than under the old MacOSX, but I have not timed anything.
I have a question about how to organize my time shift backups. Since I am running EXT4, snapshots do not work, and so the rsync backup size growth is as of yet unknown to me.
I have a wired network at home with two Synology NAS units where I keep all my onsite data and archives in addition to long term offsite storage.
I have been using Synology utilities to back up my Macs and VMs, but since I now seem to have a laptop with Linux capable to do my work on the road, I am looking for a way to back up to the Synologies when hooked up to the wired network, and to the internal SSD (1TB) when I am on the road.
I installed time shift without problems a couple of days ago, and so far it has accumulated some 40GB on the /timeshift/ folder on my SSD. Looking at the GUI of timeshift it says that snapshots are stored on the selected partition and that remote and network partitions are not permitted.
From the laptop I have already accessed the synology volume shares with SMB, AFS and NFS, so it ought to be trivial to mount a share and direct the backups toward it. The next issue would be to hav an automatic switch between backing up to a file server when at home and to the SSD on the road. Would anyone have some advice on organizing this plumbing?
I have not gone deeply into this one yet as I am busily arranging the furniture of my new home in my old MacBook.

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