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    Timeshift backups to NAS at home and to my laptop drive when on the road

    I am running PopOS 22.04 on my MacBook Pro 2015, and having received some help from the linux community am now productive on it. Things feel snappier than under the old MacOSX, but I have not timed anything. I have a question about how to organize my time shift backups. Since I am running EXT4...
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    Need Help with Samba permissions on sub directories.

    Hi I am still quite new to Linux, I have an HP micro server with an SSD and 4 drives. This used to be a windows server until it caught a power spike and fried the old SSD. I decided I needed a change in my life and want to get better at Linux. So I installed Ubuntu server 18.04 and slapped a...
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    Problems reconnecting to samba shares

    Hello guys and girls, i have a following beginner problem: I have 2 machines both running Linux, one is my main machine, the other one is used for storage, downloading, etc. I have multiiple samba shares on this machine. And the machine is NOT always on - i suspend it when i don't need it. On...