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    Sata expansion for FreeNas

    Hi guys, would appreciate some help on sata cards. I recently ran out of sata ports on my motherboard, I guess a PCIe sata card would be an option. I tried looking around and found these options below -...
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    Crucial SSD not working, possible controller error

    Hi everyone. I'm trying to get an old SSD to be detected by my Fedora Linux installation. It is a Crucial M4 128GB sata drive which is producing a lot of errors and I fear it might be dead or dying. I currently get these messages when I connect it. Could somebody please interpret what this...
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    Debian 10 disk hot swap problem?

    Hi there, i usually build NAS on Debian releases, using consumer level hardware which natively doesn't support Sata hot swap. This have never really been an issue since it's possibile to safely detach a disk (unmounted of course) using for example: echo 1>/sys/block/sdb/device/delete And then...