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ubuntu 19.04

  1. G

    uname -r issue

    pi@raspberrypi:~ $ uname -r 5.10.11-v7l+ pi@raspberrypi:~/usbwifi/rtl8821CU $ sudo apt-get install dkms Reading package lists... Done Building dependency tree Reading state information... Done dkms is already the newest version (2.6.1-4). The following packages were automatically...
  2. DataLore

    Dual boot ubuntu and windows 10

    So I just got a Lenovo Yoga which I am aware is not officially supported by Linux so worst case scenario, I remove windows entirely because at least Ubuntu appears to be working properly when I tested it out. I followed this tutorial and everything seemed to be successful until I restarted. It...
  3. K

    Bluetooth Problem on Ubuntu 19.04

    Hello!! I have a problem with bluetooth device on my laptop. It worked perfectly on windows 10, but on ubuntu 19.04 it is not able to search devices I have searched and did everything what I found about this topic in internet, but nothing worked.... Do anybody has an idea what I may try?
  4. B

    Time and date sync with htpdate.

    Ubuntu have htpdate packet for time sync with compability servers. But after update Ubuntu (Xubuntu) to 1904 good old htpdate dont working :( Like this: :~# htpdate -a -s -P proxy.server.my:8000 ntp21.vniiftri.ru No server suitable for synchronization found But server return answer! :~#...
  5. S

    Ubuntu partitioning

    Hi , I am new to linux . I have installed Ubuntu 19.04 in my laptop. I have manually partitioned the disks. My HDD is having some unallocated space now. How can i partition the rest of the unallocated space on the HDD and do LVM configurations using Terminal commands Below shows my disk...
  6. D

    Ubuntu Desktop 19.04 install stuck at "write changes to disks?"

    I don't quite remember installing 18.04 desktop, but it was a lot faster. Do I have some sort of hardware issue or why do I get stuck at this step over and over again? It's a dynamic VDI on SSD.