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    cannot access any website, internet is fine- connection timed out

    I installed Kali on a virtual machine in VM with a bridged connection and the icon is showing connected, when I ping google, youtube, dns servers or any page pings go great but I can't access them through any browser. Every time the same error: connection timed out. I turned off every proxy...
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    Newbie to needed for a college project "Cluster Implementation"

    Hi, I have only ever used Windows and MAC operating systems to date. I need to install Linux on my laptop which currently has Windows 10 already installed. Does anyone know how I can dual boot and what to watch out for? The reason i need Linux as I need to have multiply node clusters setup so...
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    Cant create the pipe symbol ( | ) inside a Debian VM running on a MacOS host

    Hello, I just set up a Debian VM on my MacBook, and when I try to create the pipe symbol by pressing option + 7, it does the following: Why is this and what can I do about it? Also, a little side question: Why does this work: cat test.txt > test2.txt But not this: cat test.txt | echo >...