Android game on Mint, is it possible?


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Aug 1, 2023
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Hello all. A bit of a preface. I'm not much of a gamer, nor, sorry to say, am I super adept at online research, so I thought before I try searching hither and yon for something that may not exist I'd annoy everyone here to find out if what I'd like to do is even possible.
For years now I have played a game on facebook called "Criminal Case". Sadly it is no longer featured on that platform. I have managed to download a version to my Samsung tablet. However, the combination of my old eyes and the small screen on the tablet plus the touchscreen that I dislike using as my fingertips span to much area to be accurate, make the game is almost unplayable for me. I considered trying to "cast" the screen from the tablet to my desktop monitor but the whole touchscreen deal negates that option.
So, my question is, is there a way to install and run the thing here on my desktop computer, which is running Mint 21.2? From what I can find, there is an android version, an Ios version, is that Apple or Mac? And a windows version. FWIW, if I have to install windows, I'll just forget it. I want nothing to do with giving more money to Herr Gates. I built this system and moved to Linux to get away from big brother and I ain't goin' back! :D
If needed, I can supply a system report, but I didn't want to throw to much info up if it's in no way possible.
Thanks in advance, Dan

I don't think this could be done directly in Linux, but you can run an Android VM under Linux.

I don't think this could be done directly in Linux, but you can run an Android VM under Linux.

Thanks, I'll research this and, probably, try it. May take a few days but I will post the results. One way or another.
I haven't given up on this project yet, but there have been mistakes made by yours truly. I installed a second SSD with the intention of installing the Android-x86 on it. Somehow or another, I managed to hose the Mint OS doing that.
No problem I thought. I have a timeshift snapshot on a USB drive as well as a full drive backup using Rescuezilla.
Come to find out, I can find no way to restore a timeshift snapshot from a USB drive booting from my install USB drive. Why will timeshift let me save a snapshot somewhere that I can't access it to restore? A question for another thread.
As for the Rescuezilla backup, well, unlike a few times before when I've used it, THIS time, it appears the backup was corrupted. After installing the backup, I get a login screen that leads to nothing more than the dreaded black screen of computer catitonia. Sigh.
So, I repartitioned the NEW SSD and made a fresh install of Mint there. I can peruse some of the files on the original SSD, but the home directory is not even in the directory tree. Sooooo, I'm in the process of rebuilding things to get somewhere close to where I was when I started this journey. Excellent learning experience, but not helpful for this project.
After I get things back to "normal" I'm going to attempt to install Virtualbox and run the Android-x86 OS inside that. Of course, this time, the timeshift snapshot will be stored in the default location and the Rescuezilla backup file will be done twice, on separate USB drives before I try learning how to get Virtualbox up and running.
Wish me better luck than I've had so far!
Just an update on my experiment with this.
After a steep, ( for me ), learning curve, I managed to get Virtualbox installed on my Mint system. Installed an Ubuntu virtual machine to figure out how to get one done. Then I finally managed to get Android-X86 installed and running in a second virtual machine, not nearly as easy as the Ubuntu install!
Managed to install the Criminal Case game installed with no problem.
Now I need to find out how to troubleshoot the Android system as the game stops before it even starts. And I don't know, yet, know how to troubleshoot it, I suspect the game needs additional files installed for it to run. Sigh.
But hey, I'm learning a lot as I go and not much pressure as it's not something vital that I need to get fixed ASAP. Anyone know where one can find some tips on fixing this problem? I'm not to proud to ask for tips from those wiser than I am.

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