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Anti-Cheat May Soon Work Through Wine/Proton?


Dec 27, 2018
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A'right there mates,

Last month this youtube video about Easy Anti-Cheat working on Linux was posted and I happen to come across it a tad bit later, but honestly I was sceptical particularly due to not finding any other information at the time. The day I found it I would have bet it was false more than I would bet it was true.

Then I realised that the DIMM slots on my motherboard were dying (bare with me, this is relevant to the flow of the story here). A few months ago one went and I thought it was the RAM stick itself, but when a few months later I got the same issue I realised it was the DIMM slots and 2 of 4 died at separate times. Well, I looked into replacing and upgrading parts of my system.

One thing I want to do is switch to NVMe and rid myself of cabled storage devices (the best way to cable manage is to minimise cables after all). Yet I simply didn't want to go through installing windows again and such. Well I decided to look up that video again and do some research beyond it. And it seems to be true.

There are this first and second articles on gamingonlinux.com. I encourage to go ahead and read them before continuing on with this post.

Further searching on youtube reveals many videos claiming to be EAC games working on Linux all from the past month. I didn't watch all of them, but a few I will link are:
Hunt: Showdown (although I don't see any proof this was captured from a Linux distro, am I being blind or truth?).
This Request for a Dead By Daylight Test reddit post has this video linked in the comments (they show it is Linux at the start).

I haven't had any conversation about this with anyone and thought I'd see if there was a thread here about it, since I couldn't see one, here's this one! I'm curious what people's thoughts are on it. legitimate? How soon could it be upstreamed to work on WINE then Steam's Proton (something one of the gamingonlinux articles mention) , opening up a lot of games that as yet still do not work at all on Linux.

One thing is certain for me: I aint keeping Windows 10 around any longer. Not at all. Only based on speculation, but I'd say before the end of 2020 I will be able to play Dead By Daylight on my Linux Mint 20, I will gladly wait a few months without playing it to remove Windows from my life once and for all. I'm going to get 2 NVMes and the first for file systems and home folders, the second will be be for games (perhaps also where back-ups like timeshift also). Windows 10 aint touching either.

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