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Apr 8, 2024
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This is one of the most asked questions regarding making a custom distro. When in fact what they want to do is simply make a arch linux respin of their own. I know because I went down this path myself and everyone kept pointing me to LFS and things like that. Most of the old timer linux users now see that the youngenz are here :) The linux desktop is now starting to reach out and with that comes the entirety of newcomers that we are going to have to come to grips with. I digress :)

What I have done is created a guided respin maker that even newcomers can use. It is my custom respin of arch linux that is bundled with a guided custom iso maker for creating a custom arch linux respin of your own.

-You can brand your grub splash screen​
-You can brand your welcome/control center window​
-You can brand the installer window​
-You can theme it how you like​
more to come
Available desktops are
more to come

The ISO maker is simply archiso and the installer is simply a modified version of the archinstall script. No Calamares or Calamares dependencies to worry about. You don't have to worry about setting anything up. It is all done by the script. All you have to do is brand it and theme it to your desired look and feel

Here is a video to show how it works

Remeber. We are not making a distro. It is a RESPIN of Arch Linux with your custom settings. The video shows settings for Openbox. Each desktop environment/window manager will have different settings.

Quick Tip:
this iso is bundled with software for gnome-boxes to simply copy and paste your created iso onto your main system. If you use virtual box or vmware or any other type of virtualization keep in mind that you will need to transfer the iso to your system for use.

Website with all releases and video guides:

Please comment and let me know what issues it has or any ideas on what you think. The more feedback the better.


Updated LinuxHub to v2.0.4 due to archinstall upgrading to 2.8.0 and breaking respin builds with archinstall.

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