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AUSTRALIA DAY....almost upon us ! (26th January, 2024)



For those of us who live in a bass-akwards country, that's about 109.5° F.

For some perspective, it'll be -5.5° C at my house tonight. That is unseasonably warm for this region.
Where could this be ????
Sydney Harbor (Harbour) Bridge.

The opera house is behind it.
Going Caravanning In Australia ? will need to know the rules, before you do !



Rigs like this dont need a pesky caravan getting in their way....
Rigs like this dont need a pesky caravan getting in their way....

Yup. I've seen their truck trains and they're pretty unique in the world and absolutely require a wide berth.

Taking their parking spaces, that's where truckers rest so that they don't crash into things and cause devastation, is pretty asinine.

I've spent lots of time in truck stops, but I stay well out of the way. (I've done extensive driving around my country, and a couple of others.) We don't allow more than tandem towing here in the US but you still need to stay out of their way - both on the road and in their designated parking spaces.

Where I live, truckers carry a tire thumper (a stick used to whack tires to see if they sound right) and that may also be used on non-tire things. Also, they may be carrying a firearm, but that's a topic for another thread, perhaps even another forum.
Man bitten by an American Akita...really.

The Media have no idea when it comes to Dog Breeds...many times we hear of people attacked by...German Shepherds...Rottweilers...Akitas etc. When in fact the dog involved is nothing like these breeds...the Media like to create panic to sell a story.

The dog shown wasn't involved and looks nothing like an Akita...more like a German Shepherd cross having a bath.

"""I fell off the tree through the roof. They were having breakfast and I landed on his table on my bum," he said.""


"Everyone I deal with, whether it is the chemist, the doctor, the bank, I don't go anywhere without mangoes," he said.

"That's my trademark. I always give the mangoes away and I've made a lot of people happy."

He loves to banter with customers and haggle with kids.

"The kids push me around... 'Come on mango man, you can do better than that. You can make it cheaper. Let's do a deal mango man'. That is how they talk to me," he said.

"It is not about ripping people off, it is about making people happy."


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