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Where the Hell are they ?

Koalas are fussy animals....about who they keep company with.

If the english lass wore perfume on the day....the koala bears would have smelled her coming a mile away and simply shuffled out of sight. Their sense of smell is remarkably acute. They also have incredibly sensitive hearing....mainly because they have poor eyesight.

She was lucky, being in sunny downtown noosa (Queensland) the drop bears must have known she was around and decide to ummm, go away too.

Anyway (on a more serious note) it's a shame she didnt get see a koala in the flesh, in the wild.

Maybe they heard she was filming for tiktok and kept their distance.
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Warragamba Dam began spilling water at 4:20 am, its third spill for 2024.


The dam is approx 75 km west of Sydney


Ranking of Order of Australia appointments:
Companion of the Order of AustraliaAC
Officer of the Order of AustraliaAO
Member of the Order of Australia AM
Medal of the Order of AustraliaOAM


Former Powderfinger bassist John "JC" Collins has been appointed a Member of the Order of Australia for services to the arts through music, and to the community.
The Clitoris. We have people to research/develop all sorts of things in Australia

you don't know what that is ? on

This Australian/Melbourne-based health worker was struggling to teach some of her clients about the vulva

Australia. Big. Beautiful Beaches.......and home to RIPS on many of those "safe" swimming spots.

Read It if you swim



Just so you know...Spoon Bay is listed as a :CALM BAY:......the number of drownings there tell otherwise.....and the owners of Airbnb's in the area do nothing to dispel that fact.

First rule of swimming ...DO NOT SWIM ON AN UNPATROLLED BEACH
Big Red Bash begins: Australia's most remote music festival is off to a soggy start for the second consecutive year, with unseasonal rain falling in Birdsville. About 8,000 people are at this year's Big Red Bash. The rain caused road closures and delayed roll-in for attendees, but the final festival goers have now arrived at the site. Artists including Colin Hay, Casey Barnes and Baby Animals are set to take to the stage today, (Tuesday, July 2).

2023's Big Red Bash
and....2024 big Red Bash

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