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Automate offline backups? Raspberry Pi and script?


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Nov 26, 2018
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I have some data on a NAS (TrueNAS, in this case), and I'd like to back up the critical data to an offline hard drive every night.

What I'd like to do is mount the hard drive and some kind of low-power SBC inside my safe. The script would run every night at 3:00AM.
The thing I'm not sure of is how to take the SBC offline after it's susceptible to being hacked, other than when it's running the backup. The best thing I can come up with is having the backup script disable the network interface once the rsync has finished the backup. So, in theory it would go like this 03:00AM -> Script starts -> enable NIC -> Spin up hard drive(?) -> Run rsync backup -> Disable NIC -> Spin down hard drive(?).

If I used a motherboard that has an RTC, I could use BIOS to power on/power down at certain times.

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