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Oct 7, 2023
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Hello everyone,

What I want to do I feel should be easy to accomplish. I'm just not fluent enough with Linux yet to know what terms I need to search for.

I have 5 computers that I am accessing via SSH on a somewhat regular basis. I would like a way where I can click on an icon/link on my Mint box and open a new terminal window that automatically connects to whatever PC that icon/link is assigned. Currently, I have a text document with all 5 of the ssh user@<IP_address commands so I can remember which IP is which computer. And I can cut and paste them when I'm feeling lazy. Which is most of the time :D

Could one do this with a bash? Know of any web links that would be a good place to start?

You mean double click on something opens a terminal on a specific box?

You could place 5 bash scripts on your ~/Desktop/ and in each one put:

gnome-terminal -- ssh [email protected]
Thank you. I knew it would be something simple. I just wasn't finding what I needed with the search terms I was attempting.

My main PC is using Mint. So, I just right clicked the desktop and selected "create a new launcher here". Gave it a name and entered the command you offered. Works like a charm.
Have you learned about .local yet?

Let's say you have a computer and the user's name is 'bob'.

ssh [email protected]

That works on many distros but not all of them.
you mean that you dont know the computers FQDN?

LOL They should be able to (depending on distro) just use .local without any poking around. It's not quite universal but normally does the trick.

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