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May 3, 2019
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I finally got to play around with Microsoft's new Linux distro. Azure Sphere for IoT.
It's definitely an IoT release. ( no GUI, no extra fancy widgets ).
No yum, zipper, dnf, or apt. It "auto-updates" itself in typical Windows fashion.
Of course this means you can't install any custom packages either. At least
not through a package manager.

Very small, bare bones, reminds me of Alpine is some ways. ( I suspect it
might be based on Alpine ).

I myself like control over how and when updates are available. But for IoT I guess it
makes sense. However, there are sometimes packages I absolutely need that
aren't included by default. In this case Java-OpenJDK-21.

You need an Ubuntu Linux system, and you open a browser, go to the
Azure marketplace, install the Azure Sphere SDK, install the CLI, and away we go.

It's definitely a different approach.

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