Benchmarking an SSD


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bench marking isn't something i've previously been that in interested before, i don't play games, so as long as it boots up is ok but currently looking into and downloading here for fix software, benchmark software prior to going out 3rd world, where band width poor.

if its available slackware its probably universally available. These are the benchmark software i've installed so far :


all launch from command line


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G'day newtolinux, and Welcome to

Which Linux are you running ?

There may be an app in the Software Manager ....accessible via the menu button....

for example in Linux Mint 18 there is an app called Namebench ... which has attained 4.9 starts out of a possible 5, and appears to do all sorts of amazing things. I note that it makes no changes to your system in any way.


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I just installed Linux 20 Ulyana. I was just curious as to how fast my new ssd really is compared to my old hard drive with Windows 10. After I installed that on my old drive, it ran slower than molasses at the North Pole. LOL I haven't really done anything in LInux yet but I'm getting to like it waaaay better than that other so-called operating system. My computer now boots up in about 45 seconds compared to 2-3 minutes or more with Windows. I also installed 16gb's of RAM along with the SSD and this thing is lightning fast now!!! I don't mind using my laptop again.:) I was just curious since Western Digital says the drive reads up to 560mb's and writes up to 530mb's, and I want to see if I come close to those numbers. Thanks for the help Condobloke, and let me know if there's anything in Ulyana that you would recommend.