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Granny Sue

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Oct 18, 2019
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I have bookmarked any number of replies I get from you wonderful people on this forum. Do you think I can actually FIND said bookmarks????? Can someone please tell me how to access the bookmarks I've created for Forum discussions?

Thanks again,


Granny Sue

Hey there - what I'd do is use the watch/unwatch function on here.. at the top of each thread, there's a link to watch it for replies.. once that is set, you can 'view watched threads' from the main menu.
Thanks, Rob, and I'll do that. But it's just a bit frustrating knowing I used the bookmark feature at the top the forum answers and they've just gone into oblivious somewhere.....
firefox. I assumed the bookmarks on this forum would be stored on this forum. I'll check firefox.
Hello Granny Sue,

If using Firefox click the Library button
57 library icon
on your toolbar.

Perhaps this will help.
I KNEW there had to be way!! Thank you so much!

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