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Jul 5, 2023
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Good day all

My machine
Lenovo Ideapad 3 , Intel Core i5
Integrated Intel Iris Xe Graphics

1. First test MX Linux by booting it from a thumb-drive
2. Then install MX Linux

I have created a bootable thumb drive ( MX Linux) and want to change the boot order in the BIOS so that the thumb drive can boot.
Under "boot" in the bios, however, the only boot option in the list , is the windows boot manager.

I did actually boot from an Ubuntu thumb drive 2 months ago and I was able to modify the boot order list because the USB boot was in the
list. I am engading Lenovo in this regard for support, but I was wondering if anyone else has experienced this?

So the procedure I followed was..
switch on
F2 ( go into BIOS )
Disable secure boot
goto BOOT to try and change boot order ( USB not in the list)

I thought it might correct itself by loading default settings ... still the same

If someone has experienced this and could perhaps offer a word of wisdom, it will be appreciated.
In the meantime I am awaiting a response from Lenovo

Thank you in advance

OK so with most Linux distributions you need to disable Windows quick-start [fast-boot] but also SECURE BOOT then re-start the machine
So the procedure I followed was..
switch on
F2 ( go into BIOS )
Disable secure boot
goto BOOT to try and change boot order ( USB not in the list)
You do not need to change the boot order in the BIOS,
insert your usb into a free port
switch on the machine whilst juggling the "one time boot option" or short boot menu key
when opened, scroll down , highlight usb and enter

LENOVO short boot menu key
this will be trial and error as Lenovo use several different keys, and you will have to go through the same switch on and jiggle for each one till it opens
F8, F10, or F12
Thank you @Brickwizard for the post.
I now have MX linux running of my thumb-drive. Wow .. what a difference to Win 11.

I have also installed Openshot. The editor I use.
I have also installed OBS. Had a few hickups there but got it sorted out.

I did a quick test of above software, and it al seems fine. Just want to do an actual project and just check properly.

Just for those that are also using raspberry pi's...... I also installed MX Linux on raspberry pi. Seems cool !!

On the Raspberry pi it may be a more difficult choice as to the best because Raspbian is also running very efficiently.

But in terms of running MX Linux on my laptop and then switching back to win-11 ... its like night and day !!!!
If you compare Win11 like this, its actually sad that many people are so hooked-up to the microsoft dream-world. Its
like The Matrix ...... most people carrying on, blissfully unaware of what they can have !!

thank you @z7vl7abxc for that doc. I shall work through that as well.

P.S> the other thing tht Win11 cannot seem to handle , is USB keyboards. I use a USB keyboard with my laptop
raised up , and often get chars repeated when on WIN11. Not on MX Linux.

I appreciate all the assistance !!!
you will find yourself on a learning curve for a while whilst you find your way around your new MX installation.
So as I like to say, now sit back, kick off your shoes, grab a beer, and enjoy the ride.
Perhaps you may like to drop into the introduction forum and tell everyone about yourself, your kit and anything else.

if you are now happy with everything, please mark this [and your original post] "solved" to do this go to your first post in each and click on edit, then the down arrow in the drop-down box [left of your title]

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