Can anyone else post on this website?


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May 24, 2022
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I am unable to post on this website
I am signed in. I have contacted the administrator probably 25 times to seek help. I have never once been answered by the admin. People post on this site every day. On my end I have no "new topic" button and I have no "reply" button to reply to other peoples posts. I can not understand what the issue is. How can I possibly resolve this when no one will answer my request for help? Is anyone reading the post able to log in and post on the site?

I tend not to give a second try to sites that are bugging me in any way, but I guess you wanna show or sell your arrowheads and there is no other such place on the web... So if the admin doesn't help try to register some other time with a different email and you may have different results

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