Can't get Interenet Access via WiFi in external places


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Mar 26, 2023
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I am new to Linux but fairly knowledable on Networking (retired engineer) and at home with MS Windows (shame I know!). Machine/Linux details:
Linux Mint 21.1 Cinamon; Cinamon Version: 5.6.8; CPU: Intel i5-6200; Memory: 8Gb; Drive: 100Gb (SSD); Graphics: Intel Skylake GT2; Manf: Lenovo;Model: Thinkpad L560
When I connect in coffee shops on my Android Smart phone I often get a page to agree terms with a tick box then Internet connection. However on my Linux PC I don't get this. The WiFi is picking up an IP address by DHCP from their router. See for instance in Nero Cafe:
So: IP address: 10.225.230.nnn
DNS: &
Name of WiFi Connection - The Cloud
(very similar in Costa).
When I take my Linux Mint laptop to the libary that uses a password/key security approach. No problems I am asked for security password/key given by the library and I get connection. Same at home with my WiFi.
Anybody met this problem? I haven't taken our Windows 11 laptop into any of these coffee shops. Was hoping to use my Linux Mint Lenovo laptop.. Any ideas.? Thanks

Sounds like a security problem, Linux is inherently more secure than the other systems you mentioned, you may need to reduce your security settings either in the browser or the Network connection settings.
Silly question:
Is the browser configured to block pop-ups? Is there another browser setting that prevents the connection dialog box from appearing? Could that be happening in your laptop at the coffee shop? It could be a site-specific setting in your browser, too. Different browsers have different ways to enable or disable pop-ups.
The keywords are: captive portal
Try Searching: Linux Mint captive portal

Your Android phone is accessing the captive portal. Your laptop is not getting there.

There are various ways to try and force the laptop to access the captive portal.

You can try opening a web browser on your Linux device and navigating to any website to see if the login page appears. If it doesn’t, you can try typing the IP address of the router/gateway ( into your browser’s address bar and see if that brings up the login page

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Yes it is captive portal problem. I did try using a Browser to the IP address of the Router/Gateway that didn't work.
But I could try opening a browser such as Firefox on the Linux after the router has given me an IP address and DNS IP addresses etc.. Which it has in both Costa and Nero Cafe. Then I think you are saying I can enter HTTP:// Though I think that is illustrative and for Windows is:
Windows"Microsoft NCSI" (plain text)

Can't see one for Linux Mint Ubuntu or any other.. There are ones for Chrome OS Apple ios.

So maybe you can't get round - unless like some with dual boot use Windows and the the captive portal remembers your MAC address. Didn't understand what HTST was in one of these replies. Understand HTTP and HTTPS.

But at least this is more helpful than Costa who said ask the barristers.

You could just choose a simple gateway I would try:
IP Address:

Kind regards.

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