Convert Linux boot from Legacy to UEFI


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Feb 23, 2022
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Hi there,

my old Intel i7 (1st Gen) system just got toasted. Once again the motherboard failed. I can only get these used anyway and since the system is 12 years old (worked great in all these years with about 20 different Linux flavors) and it is already the 5th motherboard I ruined, I decided to upgrade my motherboard, CPU and memory. Currently it runs on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS. The problem I have is that the old motherboard used the legacy boot method while the new one only supports UEFI.

I wonder how I can convert the installation without the need of reinstall Ubuntu again but can use either something like the Gparted Image, Ubuntu Live (both booted from a USB stick) or anything else getting this done. I found plenty of other info on how to do this on Windows, or if you want to switch an exiting and running installation to UEFI but not if the system is not booted in the same OS where it supposed to run after the migration.

Any info you can share or point me to a website which could help me to get this going?

Thanks a lot

Never mind. I found it hidden in the BIOS and it is now back on legacy. Now I can start to convert it to UEFI using a booted installation.

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