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May 14, 2021
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Will I receive fedora kernel updates for my custom kernel.

I want to use binder... so thought of compiling the kernel from source enabling binder option... If then, will I be receiving kernel updates from fedora for my custom config (updates except for binder)...

Or can i install binder as an external module?
If then can someone guide me to install an external module!

The "default" fedora repos will only update "default" packages.
If you are talking about the Android binder filesystem extension, that has been in the Linux
kernel for a long time now. No need for a custom kernel.
The config of my default kernel doesn't have binder enabled. And there is no binder.ko file and so I decided to compile the binder module from source because building it as out-of-tree kernel module didn't work.
How to enable it for the existing kernel?

My kernel version is 5.11.19
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You don't need external ".ko" modules for modules built into the kernel.
I frequently mount android filesystems (my cell phone) using the 5.11.x kernel.
The thing is, I want to use anbox and so I require binder...
Yesterday I compiled the kernel from source by using my existing fedora config and added binder config to it.
Now my kernel mounts binder file system.

And now my question is.... When I receive kernel update through dnf... Can I make it to use my config file which has binder enabled additionally?

Found some resource at stackexchange...
I want do something similar to than in fedora and will it work in fedora?

Or is it enough to apply the new patch manually without changing the config instead of dnf update?
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