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Mar 14, 2024
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I didnt know where to put this but since it has to do with securing my system I hope this will suffice.
I am currently working on modifying a distro of linux and I want to swap out the login screen and use a pattern lock instead of a password and such. I know that its something thats possible as android does it everyday but when i go to search for pattern locks and linux on google i swear the results are as if its filtering my search because it comes up with nothing. Any ideas that could point me in the right direction or am i better off dismantling android and seeing if i cant splice things together like frankenstein? Please and thank you.

G'day @CoalHeaps and welcome to :)

I can't say that I will have the answer for you but you will need to provide more information for others to help.

...working on modifying a distro of linux...

Which one? eg Linux Mint 21.3 Cinnamon or other?

You login screen is intimately tied into your Display Manager (DM), for example Cinnamon, MATE and Xfce use LightDM, KDE uses SDDM and so on.

You will likely have to have "sources" enabled in your repositories list but I cannot say that with certainty, others will tell you.

Cheers and Good Luck

Chris Turner
Okay, let me ask the question differently then so as to not add to it and make it more complicated.

Has anyone seen a pattern lock used in any distro of linux. A pattern lock is the dots you have to connect to open your android phone. If you have any knowledge of a pattern lock being used on a linux build id like to know so that i may check it out.

Sorry for the lack of information, its just not specifically important to me at this moment. Im using ubuntu to write this, was going to build a arch linux where id like to implement my concept. I want to do a dynamic lock screen/login screen. Where it logs you in and grants permissions/credentials based upon the pattern you use. Simply can not find the two mentioned together on the internet anywhere. which is weird android started the pattern lock and its been based around the linux kernel its whole life.
Has anyone seen a pattern lock used in any distro of linux.
The short answer for me is no, never. But it's a brilliant idea!

I want to do a dynamic lock screen/login screen.
As @wizardfromoz said, you'll need to get your code into one or more of the display managers, so you may want to join their forums or dev mailing lists. Or you can fork them or create your own competition to them.

To be honest, I'm afraid I would not likely use that method to log in though. I always have a keyboard, and it seems easier for me to poke a few keys rather than to grab a mouse and carefully guide it to its proper pattern. It works well on phones and tablets, but once I get a functional keyboard available, it's my preference for logging in. Well, plus I don't have touchscreens on my home devices or laptops... but I don't think I would use them anyway.

Other folks may love a pattern unlock though... we all love choices!

Good luck! :)