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Data Collection.


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Some users are concerned about information that OSs collect and should be.

Something to think about.

Own and Android smartphone or an Android tablet an iPhone or an iPad and used a credit card to pay a bill or purchase anything.

Hmm how secure are those devices and what personal information do those devices collect.

I don't like the fact that my personal information is being collected either however it is being collected on / from any device which connects to the internet / WWW.

Use Google or Google Chrome or any of the Google Chrome clones /Facebook or any social media sites.

I'll bet those are keeping your data private.

Ain't no privacy no more.

Google information collection.



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And people wonder why I don't have a dumbing down phone just the type that requires you to be the smart one.
Another reason that I switched to Linux and not Mac OS. No back doors and everything has to come in the tradesman's entrance but it has to get past you first.

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