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Despite the Hype, Gemini Still Doesn't Interest Me


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Some of you are already thinking "Don't judge a book by it's cover" or "Don't knock until you try it", but after watching videos from Chris Were and DistroTube, I still think Gemini is simply "meh". That doesn't mean I don't hate what it's trying to achieve (that part I do like), but I personally would've done things differently if I was the person who created the protocol for it. Just so everyone's clear on this, if you have a capsule and like it, or are interested in setting one up, more power to you.

I appreciate how its trying to create an alternative to the web where it removes data centers from the equation, it removes the ability for companies to treat it like a cash cow, it removes the dominance of Big Tech sites controlling everything, it puts the power back into the hands of the user, and makes it easy for anyone to set up their own capsule. However, I just see it as too simplified for my taste. Yes, I know it's trying to emulate the early days of web browsing, but designing it where its just plain text is off-putting to me. I don't know if me having an artistic personality has anything to do with it, but I honestly think including visual and audio aspects would've made it more appealing. Yes I know I can create links for multimedia in Gemini that will lead to a traditional webpage, but that makes using it pointless to me, because I'd rather just use a webpage for that. I would've loved to see a feature where people could upload files rather than HTML links. I also know that the person who created the protocol admitted on the FAQ page that it's not intended to be a replacement of the web, but I personally would've liked it to do that instead, because then it would've given the Big Tech companies a run for their money. To be honest, this has made me interested in developing my own protocol where I'd include file uploading, and make it a potential replacement for the traditional web.
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