Disabling Root Permissions



From Linux From Scratch build a minimal system for running my application. but struck on disabling root permission.

Need my minimal lfs as ubuntu.

when ubuntu boots login-screen displays when we enter username and password it will redirect to Desktop from ter when we open a terminal it will open as $--> non root-user from ter we access #--> root via sudo.

Same as ubuntu when my lfs boots want to display my application [xinit-window launcher (same as login screen in ubuntu but, in my case with out asking user name and password)] and when i access terminal it should display as $--> non-root user then i want to use sudo to access root.


All the init scripts run as root so everything they start will also be run as root by default. If you want to run your application as xinit with normal user you can edit your statup script and use 'su' command to switch to normal user.