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Distro based on Debian-sid


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Nov 11, 2021
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Hello everyone, Have a great day :D
I have a friend who was a windows user ,the past week I have told him about Linux and he is really impressed And agreed to install it on his old laptop. He has some demands
*He needs all the new updates without waiting for them(rolling-release)
*it should be based on Debian/Ubuntu
His laptop is low end with 2GB ram
Can you guys tell me a distro based on Debian-sid (Debian rolling) for low-end laptops for daily use? It would be a great help.
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AFAIK the only rolling release distribution based on Debian would be Kali Linux but that's not something for a beginner. The other option would be to run Debian-testing release, so there's not very many options here because in general Debian isn't a rolling release distribution.
And after having looked it up, Kali is based on the Debian-testing release.
Not kali ;). He have not used any distros before so consider him as a NOOB in Linux
I know I was just telling you to to let you know what Kali is based on, so I would let your friend try Debian-testing release if they want Debian and a rolling release.
Debian-testing release if they want Debian and a rolling release.
Okay I will let him know to use Debian-testing release with Xfce for 2GB ram pc
How low end …what is it make and full model number
I just know It has 2GB ram and integrated graphic and its name I think is Acer aspire E15
Does parrot home should be right for him?
Parrot [home edition] is a nice distribution based on Debian with an easy-to-use desktop [I have the mate desktop on my spare laptop drive] however finding and installing some "normal" drivers and software is not as easy for the beginner as an Ubuntu based system, it is fairly lightweight and should run on his acer, however I would recommend upping the ram to 4mb
There are so many good contributors in this forum so let us wait for their opinions and Time zone also really matters
just use debian testing. use a window manager rather than a DE.
Without recommending anything, it's worth noting that debian testing and sid are not considered rolling releases by debian, though they may seem that way because they are updatable and avail themselves of very recent software. The reality however is that neither testing nor sid versions receive security updates from the debian security team, which means that any security that does come their way depends on that supplied by the devs whose programs are being added to those which are available. They may or may not provide security code, and may or may not be experts with it. Debian stable on the other hand gets the formal security updates. An authentic rolling release one might expect does have the latest and most appropriate security updates accompanying the latest software it is offering. Having considered all of that, my own experience with debian testing is that it can be treated similarly to a rolling release, but it does blip every now and then.
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