Do i need antivirus in Arcolinux?


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Some ppl say that i dont need antivirus in Linux. But im not sure about it. So i ask it. I have clamTK , UFW, RKhunter and Chkrootkit, is it enough?


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You'd do better keeping your browsing habits in check than you would with an antivirus application.

I say this often. Security is a process, not an application.

Don't install dodgy software from dodgy sources. Don't give your password out to your friends who have physical access to your computer. Don't open up ports to the world wide web without proper security.

That sorta stuff...

All an AV app does is check to see if the file matches a signature. In the world of 0day exploits, that's just a resource waste. The time you spent installing and configuring it would have been better spent learning about your OS.

Does malware exist for Linux? Yes! Yes, it does!

Just don't install it.

Also, secure your browser. I shouldn't have to mention that. I don't care what OS you use, securing your browser is essential. Block scripts by default, and use least-privilege ideology. If you really want, learn to run your browser in a jail, like firejail.


When I was using Windoze, I had a number of anti-virus software that I scanned my OS daily and I also had Commodo Firewall and several anti-virus scanning disks, you could say I was Paranoid about Viruses, Malware, Rootkits and Ransomware.

Then 6 years ago I switched to Linux, now I use nothing because Linux is very secure unlike Windoze. The only thing I do is Enable the Mint Firewall, that's it and of cause I'm no longer Paranoid either.


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Best defence be smart about where you browse. Malware targeting Linux is small. Use a firewall.

You are your best defence. Use programs like Privacy Badger ghostery in your browser.


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Haven't seen the OP in over 3 weeks, but if he is still viewing -

I use both Arcolinux Xfce and Arcolinux Cinnamon. For likely 6 months or more. No AV software for me.

I also use maybe 52 or more Linux on this rig, covering Arch-based, Debian-based, RPM-based and so on.

6 years plus, multibooting, started with 3 Linux, liked them so kept them.

No AV.

See my signature.

Cheers and Avagudweegend, all

Chris Turner


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Need? No.


Yes, you need antivirus in Arch Linux - ClamavNet. Just remember - better safe, than sorry. There are a lot of various viruses & malware in Linux too.


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Some ppl say that i dont need antivirus in Linux. But im not sure about it. So i ask it. I have clamTK , UFW, RKhunter and Chkrootkit, is it enough?
It really depends on how you use your computer which is running Linux.
There are many, many 'security' practices which will mitigate the risk of malware infection which do not require an "antivirus/anti-malware" software application.

I am not favorably disposed towards those who proclaim "I've used Linux for x number of years and never had a problem". Their use case may be very much different than yours so the proclamation is meaningless.

If you follow the "best practices" when using your computer then the 'generic' answer would be - no.

Are you following the "best practices" when using your computer? If not, would you appreciate some opinions as to what those practices may be?


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I'd say it's better to be safe than sorry. I use clam to scan any downloaded files and any email attachments - just as a matter of course. It might seem a bit redundant, but there are a few pieces of Linux malware out in the wild.

Also, if you share files with other machines on your network - particularly Windows PC's - then it makes even more sense to scan downloaded files with clam. Because you don't want to go sharing infected files with other machines on your network.

Personally, I've never had any malware on any of my machines (apart from some malware samples that I deliberately downloaded to study - and Clam did detect all of those) - But clam has discovered Windows malware in a few things my kids have attempted to download onto their Linux laptop... Little boogers! Ha ha!

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The only time an Antivirus comes into play for Linux is if is attached to a network with Widows Machines or you are running WINE - Linux could inadvertently infect a Windows machine - Linux can act as a carrier for a virus and pass it over to Windows even though it does not effect Linux at all.
If you are running Linux as a stand alone then no you really do not need an Antivirus, just setup a firewall.

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