Do you host a podcast or a twitch or youtube channel? Content in both English and Spanish are welcome


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May 29, 2020
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Hi folks

I'm searching for some new content to consume. I'd appreciate links to your podcasts, youtube or twitch channels, if you host any. Only content authored by you (as a way to know more the audience & authors of this forum). Recommendations from other sources in this other thread.


Might seem like a funny question, but do you like cooking, or following recipes?

Gotta sign off but ...

Hey Brian @Condobloke ! Does Te still have the cooking channel? Haven't got in there for a look for a while.

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My content is all text, and maybe a screenshot. So, it doesn't quite fit - unless you feel like reading.

I'd happily host some video content, but I haven't got the first clue how to generate it. I do not do well with graphics of any kind. My skills kinda top out at taking screenshots and adding arrows to them. I really should take some courses on making graphics.
Thanks all!

The text content can be listened to using the "read screen" feature in the iPhones, so I may give it a shot.
I am planning to start my own youtube channel, I have everything in place. I just haven't had the time to start since the pandemic has occurred and university began.
Me too, things are getting on the way. Last week I realised that all my B-Roll was recorded at a wrong res/fps combination and I have to start over.

By the way, I host a podcast in Spanish called "sobre la marcha" (would translate to "on the go"), for what it's worth.

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