Drive Failure Imminent - Looking at Alternatives & Welcome Suggestions

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In an effort to clear up confusion and prevent more, I'm going to start a new thread. As of now, I've done something different that at least for the moment has got me back on a computer. I think this thread has too many different things going on regarding which laptop, which hard drive is in screen shots and issues with each laptop.

It seems best to just start a new thread so everyone is on the same page about everything! I'm going to write a thread outlining what is going on with THIS laptop, the one that I can hopefully use. When I'm done, I will come back here with a link to the new thread.


Sherri - I have locked this thread so as not to confuse potential helpers. I won't delete it for now in case we need info from it.

If you need it reopened for a good reason just converse with me.

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